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I hope this blog can give you some comfort and support in this terrible time of loss.

In Novemeber, 2009 I lost my first born after complications in my pregnancy. She was stillborn on the 28th November, 2009 and I dedicate this blog to her, Miss Sophie Elizabeth Ffrench Lally.

One of my oldest friends had asked me " What is your message to others from what happened to you?"

At the time of this question I honestly didn't know the answer.
Now, I feel that I was meant to do this blog to help others.

When I searched online at other blogs from first time moms who had lost a baby either in-utero or neonatally I saw that there was nothing out there which pointed to various techniques, therapies and coping mechanisms which could be used to really help both mentally and physically.

You (yourself and your husband/partner) are in such a heap that you go into a bubble and just can't see outside of that.

It's very important to see that there are things that can help keep the body healthy and the mind focused, so that you don't stay in that bubble forever.

Losing a child at any stage is horrendous, but to lose your first is the most traumatic of all. It steals from you the joy, naiviety and confidence that having a baby can bring. You forever exit naivety and enter a world of fear and hurt.

How you deal with these emotions can forever shape the rest of your life.

Do you want to be the victim OR the victor of these emotions?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Meditation Meeting

Meditation Evening @ Amber Healing @ 6pm

6th September, 2010.

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